September 23, 2015

Gavin Kaszynski, Candidate for Poudre School Board.   RSVP via this website or by calling 970-482-1840

Gavin Kaszynski is a candidate for the Poudre School Board in this November’s election. His primary motivation for this campaign are two-fold: to improve the district that his children attend and because he is a concerned member of the community who believes both the Board and the District would function better with more balance.
“My son just started middle school at Preston and my daughter is in second grade at Kruse. She will be in PSD for 10 more years hopefully, so the decisions that PSD makes will have a direct impact on my children. Because of them nobody else in this election has anywhere near the level of interest that I do in making sure our schools are performing at the highest level.”

“In addition, I am the Director of Finance for Associates in Family Medicine, one of the largest independent family practices in the state. I am fortunate to work with an organization that has been a staple of our community for more than 50 years. I also served for six years on the Board of the Fort Collins Housing Corporation helping to provide affordable housing in our community. I am committed to Northern Colorado and want to give back to the community that has given my family so much.”

There are many issues facing our schools today, but Gavin believes there are two that deserve the most attention. “The policy of Local Control that Schools in Colorado operate under is an illusion, either because that authority is usurped or because our current Board does not want the responsibility. That is reflected in budgets that go un-scrutinized and policy recommendations that go un-implemented. Secondly the District’s Administrative function has grown far too large in proportion to the schools it serves. Today only one-third of the district’s budget goes directly to schools. More alarmingly only 12 years ago it was 50% which was considered a crisis at the time. We have lost focus of our priorities.”